“The consultants at the People Connection are great! They are always very responsive to my needs.”

Jennifer Connon
Legal Administrator

“I truly think that the People Connection has truly qualified candidates. The consultants are always careful to fit the candidate into the appropriate work environment. Also, they are very accommodating!”

Paula Knudson
Human Resources Director

“We use the People Connection all the time…I have only 5 speed dials on my phone-one of which is PCI! They know exactly the type of person I’m looking for in my department. Half the people on my team come from the People Connection!”

Dan Holzner
Resume Processing Center

“Having worked as a temporary legal secretary for many years in many cities and thus having some experience with ‘the darker side’ of some temporary agencies, I’m now most pleased to be associated with The People Connection. Besides having friendly, professional personnel, The People Connection’s generous hourly rate, holiday pay and bonuses are a real perk.”

A PCI employee since ’00

“The People Connection provided me with a good source of income while looking for a permanent attorney position. I was also introduced to the evolving and fascinating area of wireless telecommunications. The People Connection experience provided me with a “springboard” to my future legal career.”

A PCI employee originally registered in ’95