Welcome to our team of superior staff members! Below you will find an abbreviated version of the orientation you received during your interview. Should you have any further questions please contact us at any time!

Your First Day

On the first day of any new assignment it is your responsibility to contact us in the morning to give us your first impressions of the job & the phone number where we can reach you. You should also take the time to talk to your supervisor about office procedures and find out where the lunchroom is and what time they would like you to take your lunch break, etc. Make sure you are on time, and call us right away should you (for any reason) be late. We will contact you that afternoon to check in, and will speak to you at the end of every week for the duration of the assignment to make sure you are still happy and to reconfirm your commitment to the job.

Take the initiative to ask for additional work or projects should you finish the work you are assigned early or if things are slow. Remember that our clients' voicemail and computer systems are to be used solely for office business, not for personal, non-business matters. Personal phone calls should be made with permission only (if at all) and should be kept as brief as possible. And don't ever forget that each company may have an unadvertised job opportunity that you would love to be considered for and your good performance creates an impression that will help the company think of you for future assignments.

Calling in sick

If you should be assigned to a job and become ill or will be late please contact us IMMEDIATELY. You can leave a message after our regular business hours on our voicemail system. Please also call us at 8:00 am so that we can discuss your return.

Timesheets & Payday

Your timesheet must be filled out accurately and be in our office by 5:30 pm on Friday in order to confirm there will be a check ready for you on payday the following Thursday. You may fax your timecard to (415) 617-0017 or submit it electronically. If you choose to fax your timecard you should always call to confirm its receipt.

Checks are available for pickup in our office after 12:00 noon on Thursdays. They are held here until 5pm Friday when they will be put in the mail to you. You must contact us before 5:00 Friday if for any reason you do not want your check put in the mail.

Pay Scale

At The People Connection we do not rate range - You will be paid the same amount as any other temporary doing the same assignment with you, and the rates are determined from the skills needed for the job. When you interview you will be quoted the rates you qualify for based on your testing and skill evaluation scores.


We pledge to be honest and straightforward with you at all times. All we ask is the same from you in return. We define a short term assignment as 1/2 day to 4 weeks, and a long term assignment as 4 weeks continuing indefinitely if requested. We understand working temporary involves commitment and we want to work with you and your schedule. We believe there is a job for everybody and we want to help you find it.


The People Connection is dedicated to maintaining our superior staff of temporary employees. In order to attract and retain YOU as part of our highest quality work force we offer top pay and extensive benefits. Our employees tell us that once they've worked for us they don't want to work for anyone else!

Our program rewards you for dedicated service. All of your hours accumulate over time, so even after a long break, we combine your current and previous hours so you continuously earn credit toward a bonus. All bonuses are based on hours processed for payment.

Lunch bonus

After you work 8 weeks for 24 hours or more each week, we will award you additional pay (based on your current rate of pay) for one-half hour each day you work thereafter. You will continue to receive this bonus as long as you work 20 hours per week and at least 5 hours per day.

One week bonus

Once 3,000 hours are accrued you will receive 40 hours of additional pay as a bonus. Your pay will be based on the pay rate that you most frequently work during the 3,000 hours. From that point on the bonus will be paid out each time you work an additional 1,000 hours. After you have worked 10,000 hours, we will accelerate your one-week bonus. You will be awarded one week (40 hours) of additional pay for each 700 hours that you work for The People Connection (instead of 1,000 hours as before). Again your bonus will be based on the rate you most frequently earned during the 700 hours.

Holiday bonus

The People Connection will begin to award holiday pay after 500 hours are accrued. You receive one paid holiday for each 500 hours worked thereafter. We honor 10 holidays that are potential days off for you: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. You must work the business day before and after the holiday in order to be eligible. Once you have worked 6,000 hours, we will award you with one day's pay for the Friday after Thanksgiving. This will give you 11 possible holidays a year.

Transit Benefit

Upon employment with The People Connection we provide a pre-tax transit benefit in the form of our Clipper Card program. You decide how much money you need deducted from your paycheck up to $230.00 per month and you receive those funds in pre tax dollars on your Clipper Card.

Referral Bonus

Whenever you refer a new employee or customer to The People Connection, we will thank you with $100 after the employee has worked 60 hours, or the customer has used our service for 8 hours. The bonus for referring an experienced corporate or litigation secretary or paralegal is $200 after 60 hours worked, as above.

Paid Sick Leave

You start to accrue sick time as soon as you begin employment with us: 1 hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked. You may accrue sick leave up to a maximum of 72 hours. Your accrued sick leave is available for your use after 90 days of employment. You may use sick leave when necessary for your own illness, injury, & medical appointments, or to care for a family member or designated person for these reasons. To designate one non family person for whom you would like to be able to use paid sick leave, you must complete The People Connection Designation Form within your first 10 days of employment. If interested, please ask us for the Form.



At The People Connection nearly 50% of our new applicants are referred to us by current employees or customers. This has always been a part of our family oriented tradition. If you know someone who would be interested in joining our team please let us know by submitting the form, below.

$100 for each employee you refer who completes 60 hours of work $100 for each client you refer who uses our service for 8 hours $200 for each experienced legal employee you refer who completes 60 hours of work.

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